Generative Logos

Designed by Designed by Sagmeister & Walsh

I'm currently learning to code (processing, javascript). For newcomers (used to figuring out workaround HTML and CSS front end development on websites - hardly real coding) like myself, the need to understand and apply coding is quick becoming tantamount to staying relevant in the design profession. Here are a few examples of new breed algorithm-based and generative logos, identity systems that have been emerging from the field of design.

Designed by NR2154

Designed by E Roon Kang

Neue designed by Dutch typographer Peter Bil’ak.

Designed by Sagmeister & Walsh

Rebuilding a Nation with Design Standards

Earlier this week, I submitted an abstract proposing a conversation around Design Standards in Trinidad. While still a bit broad and maybe blasé, it goes a step further by focusing on community as a driving force for these design standards. See Jeffrey Zeldman on the history of web standards.

The seeds for this subject were sown from the #DesigninTech Report presented by John Maeda at this year's SXSW event. In it he describes the decades shift of computing, from techies to everyday people in the Age of Mobile, and with that the demand for designers, especially in areas like User Interaction and User Experience (UI/UX). It's a call for designers with evolving skills in coding and prototyping, who are able to work on teams of engineers and business leaders. I'm curious how designers at home are working together to meet these cultural shifts to create opportunities and not only stay current, but to contribute to this growing and important field.

In terms of Design Standards, the intention is to build an engaged community around the subject of design. Something similar to that seen in Design Singapore or Design Council. Where the impact is broader than just the entertainment reputation of design — that of fashion, Carnival and graphic arts. While these are still relevant and provide fertile grounds to push design, I'm interested in the intersection of design, technology and our culture at home that is unique and relevant to us and practical to others.